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Our consulting practice is very unusual.

In fact, it is so unusual that we would like to unsell you on the idea of utilizing us.


The purpose of Renegade Entrepreneur is to cost-effectively transform entrepreneurs from frustrated to thriving. That’s what our delivery model is designed to do. Our one on one time is, quite frankly, ridiculously expensive…far beyond the reach of most. And quite honestly, for the vast majority, our content and courses will give them exactly what they need at a fraction of the cost. But for those few who want to amp up the speed and certainty of results, more information is below.

A consultant is someone who steals your watch and then asks you to pay them to tell you what time it is.


A banker is someone who lends you an umbrella and then demands you give it back as soon as it starts raining.


Traditional consulting is very expensive and usually isn’t effective. The consultant comes in, makes some recommendations for implementation, bills an outrageous fee…and then leaves. You are left alone to figure it all out.

Consider the differences between a consultant and an unconsultant:


  • Probably just lost his job, or hasn’t had one yet
  • Theory based, not experience based
  • Emphasis on how smart they are
  • Tells you what to do
  • Gets paid for hours worked
  • Gets paid then leaves


  • Already successful, now giving back
  • Theory tempered with real worl experience
  • Emphasis on your results
  • Works with you to get it done
  • Gets paid for your success
  • On going relationship

Because the focus of unconsulting is on results, the structure of the engagement is flexible, depending on the needs and situation of the client. Unconsulting with the Renegade Entrepreneur Group is not for everyone. Those who are satisfied with their current results need not apply. If you are not yet ready to thrive, or you can do it on your own following our courses, it’s not for you. If your mindset is to follow the herd and a rigid set of rules rather than focusing on success, look elsewhere. Unconsulting with Renegade Entrepreneur Group is by application only. For a no obligation application, please click here to email us, or call us at (702) 605-2820. We will be happy to help you in a most friendly way.

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